We offer just about any service you could ever need. From simple cleaning and check outs to complete restoration work, we've got you covered. We offer barrel threading services and can thread just about anything, even some of those seemingly "unthreadable" barrels so please ask. We do refinishing work such as parkerizing, traditional hot bluing, nitre bluing and KG Gunkote plus we can accomodate ALL of your gunsmith needs. We stock a large amount of parts and have sources all over the country for those hard to find parts as well.  It's hard to maintain a list of available services because there are so many so please, drop me a line. Some of the services we offer are as follows...

Detail cleaning and inspection of action and parts

Safety and function checking of actions including checking headspace

Sight installation and adjustment including machining dovetails in slides and barrels and front sight staking on 1911 slides

Installation of bases, rings and bore sighting of scopes

Drill and tap barrels and receivers for bases and sights

Machine work such as lathe and milling machine work

Silver solder work

Bedding actions in stocks

Make and install oversized bolt knobs, install custom bolt knobs

Rebarrel of actions with chambering and headspacing

Trigger work such as reducing pull weight and smoothing the overall pull weight

Stock repair and refinishing

Fitting recoil pads to stocks

Crowning of barrels

Bore scope inspection of barrels with pictures

Be sure to ask if you don't see what you need done listed!

We offer Savage Barrels in popular shooter calibers

We start with a Green Mountain blank and machine to profile, chamber and thread the barrel to your requirements. You'll need to change bolt heads accordingly but for Savage rifle owneres it's like having  6 guns in one.

Some of the more popular calibers offered are...

5.45x39 Russian (suppresses great, 1:8 twist)
.223/.556 (1:7, 8, 9 twists)
7.62x39 (1:10 twist)
300AAC Blackout (1:8 twist)
6.5 Creedmoor (1:8 twist)
308/7.62x51 (1:8 or 1:10 twists)

These barrels come ready to install and headspace on your rifle and typically run in the 200-250.00 price range. You specify if you want the barrel threaded on the muzzle end and what thread you'd like, a  thread cap is always included.

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