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Shown below are our most common production units. We offer custom suppressors for virtually any application or caliber so even if you don't see what you want, please call or email and we'll work out exactly what you are after.

What sets our silencers apart from the industry? Each one is hand built from the ground up, finished, mechanically checked, and checked for concentricity to the bore by myself. From the first piece of barstock being chucked in the lathe to the final finish, curing of the finish in the oven and finally test firing. In a world of automation and mass production nothing can replicate the quality found in the skilled hands of any craftsman, in any profession. A craftsman works with his hands, his eye, and his intellect all of which is becoming a lost art in this world. Each one of our silencers is guaranteed without question. We also do custom silencers for our customers as well so if you don't see what you're looking for, please ask!

Also, you can specify whatever color you like for any silencer purchase, they don't have to be black. We use KG Gunkote and stock all the popular colors.

Featuring the one and only..

Triple X Warrior

Triple X Warrior has been our flagship sound suppressor since the mid 90's. It has undergone countless performance improving evolutions and still does to this day. I'm constantly working on ways to reduce cost, improve performance and maintain unquestionable quality. I still build  each unit to ensure performance for you, the customer and end user. Lets talk about what makes this such a great value for your hard earned money. First, it's all steel construction. These are 1.5" outside diameter and 7.750" long, I use 4130 tubing and machined stainless steel internals and mounts for durability. Each unit contains up to 28 individual welds from the mounting end to the end cap giving the unit excellent hoop strength in the tube. Hoop strength refers to the pressure it would take to swell the tube from the inside out but since there are so many welds, it's virtually impossible with normal rifle pressures. It's hearing safe and you can run it all day on full auto. Second, versatility. You can use a 30 caliber unit on anything it'll screw on to from a 22 short up to 300 Winchester Magnum. You can use an adapter for the threads but ALWAYS check alignment by looking through the barrel from the chamber end with the unit mounted, all of that is spelled out in the instructions. I  offer both a brake type mount and direct thread units which means that you can order a mount for each individual rifle you want to use the unit on, install the mounts and then freely move the unit from rifle to rifle. After it cools off, of course because palm skin is kinda important. Third and most important, quality. I make each unit myself. from the first part to the final finishing. Every unit that goes out the door has been thoroughy inspected to ensure that you, my customer is getting exactly what you paid for. I take a great deal of pride in all of my work no matter what it is and when I engrave my name on it, I guarantee it.

Shown above is the optional brake mount. It utilizes a three chamber brake, ACME threads for mounting and the unit itself seats against a taper for a rock solid mount, note that the threads are behind the taper, we feel this keeps any debris from firing the rifle away from the threads.
(We don't stencil them anymore)

Triple X Warrior  399.00,
With brake mount add 100.00

Triple X Executioner


Shown mounted to an M16


The Executioner series is an over the barrel or reflex design which only adds
approximately 5" to the overall length of the rifle. They will only fit over an M4 profile barrel so it's important to know what barrel profile you
have. They are 1.5" OD and are designed to fit underneath of most handguards and the extra internal volume of this design provides excellent gas management translating into great performance. These are full auto rated.

We now offer the Executioner in 30 caliber, designed primarily for 300 Blackout in the AR15 platform. Before ordering, check your barrels shoulder where the threads are, a lot of 300 barrels have virtually no shoulder whatsoever leaving nothing for the unit to seat against. We need at least .080 to mount to.

Triple X Executioner   450.00

Our newest Ghost Wind series Suppressors 
Our new Ghost Wind series feature a fully welded core of high performance
baffles which is pressed into the tube and sealed by welding. This construction
method is both lighter and stronger. These units are available in direct thread or with our brake mount.


Welding is done in a specially constructed rotary jig which gives perfect welds
every time. All internal components are assembled in this fashion and then
pressed into the outer tube. The tube ends are then closed and sealed by welding.

 9mm bolt action rifle/suppressor package

The host rifles are becoming very difficult to obtain due to the number imported every year.  If you are after a rifle only I suggest that you source one possibly from gunbroker or sometimes Buds Gunshop has them in stock and we'll do the conversion for you for 350.00 including the KG Gunkote color of your choice.

 This is a brand new rifle that takes a detachable magazine holding 5 rounds with an optional hi-cap magazine available. The suppressor is specifically designed specifically for this rifle and is very effective and with sub sonic ammo it's incredibly quiet. We keep the barrel length at 16" so there is only one tax per purchase however just about any custom option is available so please ask!

Suppressed Rifle Package only 999.00!



The Triple X Kjet-9, our latest generation of 9mm handgun silencer.

Shown mounted to a Beretta 92 pistol.



 The Kjet series silencers are
8.5" long, 1.375 OD and have a LID built in for sure cycling on most any semi auto handgun and they are available with pistons in most any common thread size. These units measured at 125.3dB averaged out over a 30 shot string with Fiocci 147 and 158gr ammo and all testing was done dry with the exception of the grease applied to the piston. Inside the unit you'll find eight high performance anodized K baffles with the first one made from stainless, a stainless piston, spring and two endcaps. The unit is fully serviceable.

Kjet 9 silencer (specify thread) 550.00

The Triple X Kjet-22 latest generation rimfire silencer.


Shown mounted to a Sig Mosquito


 These units are 5.75" long and 1.0" diameter and come apart for cleaning and service. The units tested at 121dB with CCI Std. velocity ammo and can be used on 22lr, 22mag and 17HMR and are available in standard 1/2x28 TPI or any popular thread pattern. They are primarily designed for use on pistols but can be used onrifles as well without any problems.

Kjet-22   199.00

The latest generation of 45 caliber handgun silencer, the Triple X Kjet-45


These units tested at 133dB over a 30 shot string. Testing was done dry with the exception of the grease on the piston. These units are all aluminum with a stainless steel piston and blast baffle, are user serviceable just like the 9mm unit and are delivered with the take down tool and an instruction manual.

Kjet-45  550.00
Specify thread

9mm rifle/subgun unit
Ghost Wind 9S/R


Shown mounted to an MP5


These units are specifically designed for rifle or submachine gun use. They
use a 4130 steel tube and a proprietary baffle stack consisting of
stainess steel and anodized aluminum. They are available in most any thread pattern plus we now offer a 3 lug mount that fits all standard 3 lug mounts such as the HK system. This mount will add 115.00 to the cost so please specify if this is what you would like.

Ghost Wind 9S/R,  425.00

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